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Media 99 is a Digital Marketing and SEO Company in Brisbane. 

We provide a quality service, not just a fee taking service. Call us today and let us help your business grow to its full potential.

everything we do is about growing your business

Media 99 provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Australia and local Brisbane area. 93% of all web traffic is driven by the search pages. Our experienced SEO team can help you access that resource. We wont just get you to the top of the 1st page. We will get you top of relevant, high search volume pages. This will give you 33% more business than your competitors.

Building Engagement to generate business

Media 99 Social media and Paid Social Marketing is a cost effective strategy that will enhance your ability to create engagement on the busiest of social media platforms. From LinkedIn to Facebook, this is the easiest way to generate leads for your business. No matter if you are B2C or B2B

growing your business quickly

Media 99 provides you with the fastest way to get in front of your customers. Our Google AdWords techniques and latest strategies, are geared to optimise your campaigns. To put you ahead of the competition.

fall in love with media 99 services

Website Builds

Your Website is the gateway to your business. At Media 99 we understand the need for a High Quality website to drive business growth.

Content and Thought Leadership

Content is still king and great storytelling to sell your product and engage your audience is more important than ever. You love what you do, get your audience to love it to, with well written content.

Ecommerce Solutions

We can build your online shop, set up your payment gateway and get your products in from of the right audience. Speak with us so we can show you our online shopping solutions.

Mobile Solutions

People spend 3.5hrs on there mobile phone per day on average around the world. 75% of all searches are carried out via mobile devices. Making sure your website is mobile friendly, so you can take advantage, is what we do.

PR, and Community Influencers

Getting your press release in the media and to the right audience is a difficult process. We can get you into the top online publications. Its not just the big brands that can use influencers. Nano-influencers can really help your business grow.

Brand and Marketing Strategy

Lots of brands shout and you can get deaf from the noise. The best brands talk to their audience. Putting a brand strategy in place that will get your brand recognized as reputable, reliable and trustworthy is a key to running a successful business.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to provide an incredible service.

Digital Marketing Agency Media 99. 

Why We Do, What We Do, So You Don’t Have To!

Digital Marketing Agency, Media 99 is an Australian based Website Design company,  Social Media Strategists, and Branding Consultant. All wrapped up inside one super-charged, neat package. A full-service digital marketing agency offering in-depth SEO website audits, search engine optimization, link building and social media marketing for Large and small to medium sized businesses. That are looking to grow their visibility online. Moreover, we are a marketing agency that understands the needs of our clients. We offer a dedicated service that not only brings potential customers to your website. But getting them all the way to the sale. Furthermore, we are looking to get to know you, your business and the mind of your customer. In that way, we can expertly fill the marketing funnel, from top to bottom.

 A Digital Marketing Agency Committed to Helping Your Company Grow!

Media 99, as a full service Digital Marketing Agency are committed to helping your brand and business growth. Be it through Lead Generation, Brand Awareness or PR. We have the resources mix to help you attain your business dreams. In addition, through our Unique Website designs, Social Media campaigns, SEO improvements, and revenue-driving marketing strategies. We help to push your company forward and beyond what others think is possible. Check out what our customers have said about us Here.

 The Very Best Service

We are not just a Digital Marketing Agency that will work with just anyone. Due to our reputation within the industry. We are able to pick and choose who we work with. We work with those that understand that support and believe in what we are doing. Therefore, we like to Keep our customer base manageable so that we can give you the very best service. That is our commitment to you. Our packages are designed bespoke for you and your business. Not a one size fits all. Equally important, our services are targeted, result oriented, customized and affordable. What is more, you can be sure of getting the best support when you hire us. So why not contact us today. Tell us your Aims, Goals and Dreams, so we can make them reality. 

 The Marketing Funnel

Media 99 marketing funnel is our simple and main guide to getting the marketing strategy working for you. The tools that we use to do this can vary from Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC and Social Media, to Content creation and thought leadership. We are a company that doesn’t just concentrate on filling the funnel at the front end and letting you do the rest of the work. In Conclusion, we are there from start to finish helping your customer through the process, so that they become a lifelong customer to you. Ultimately, its about growing your business and generating a positive ROI for YOU! 

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