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The Website

For this SEO Case Study we use Sekaos Which had been online for approx 2yrs but had not gained any audience or sales in that time. In 2017 Media99 took over the site and revamped the websites navigation, calls to action and increased the content.

We improved the clients customers understanding of the products, adding a better keyword placement strategy  to the site. 

All on-site and technical SEO was completed within 3 months. Back-links where added in order to boost the Domain Authority.

The client wanted to put across “old fashioned Customer service” with his website. Case Study Media99

Increasing traffic

In this SEO Case Study you can see that the site has gone from zero traffic to over 4000 hits per month. Sales during this period have also increased in line with traffic. Proving that we have correctly targeted the right keywords and made the site workable.


In this graph, you can see that the rankings for the all 94 keywords that we follow for the client are within the top 10, with 80 positions 1-3. Giving a viability of 90% overall.

SEO Case Study 1

The client was very happy, and had this to say

“I worked on this web site for 2 years. The appearance was not what we wanted, the shop didn’t work and it was very frustrating. Every day I got bombarded by offers to get it onto page #1 from people in India. But just felt very sceptical about their promises. I didn’t want to pay and still get nowhere. Then I was contacted by Antony from Media99. 3 months later the web site looks good, the shop is working, it is easy to navigate and its now ranking on Google. I couldn’t ask for more and would highly recommend Antony and his team from Media99.

Alan Oakes
Sekao Engineering


The Website

The client site required some serious TLC initially and lots of on-site and Technical SEO in order to get it ranking. Site navigation and keyword placement was needed, along with content for all category pages on this E commerce website. Website speed was slow

Client had ran the site for a good length of time initially, but had seen no results. Hardly breaking 100 hits per month. 

The Rankings

We currently chase 13 keywords for the client, all started in 50 or above for Google Rankings.

All keywords now ranking within the top 20, with 7 in the top 10. They have been a client now for 6mths.

SEO Case Study 2
SEO Case Study 3

Improved Traffic

As you can see in this SEO Case Study, the resulting traffic increases are evident from the graph, increased visibility, increased traffic and also increased sales.

Client reports a 180% increase in sales from 2018.

The client was very happy, and had this to say

“Since becoming a client of Media99, we have had a real and significant increase in sales, along with leads and contacts. When Antony first called me with a proposal to help my business I was very sceptical, however Antony carefully explained what they offered and some options (NO guarantees). I have been working with Media99 now for six months and I have found them to be easy to talk to and the work they have done is professional and effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Antony and his team to anyone looking for SEO.”

Kumar Singh
Director Glorietta Jewels

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