SEO campaign, where do you start?

SEO campaign, where do you start?

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You can run searches through Google about SEO of course. But you will get bombarded with so much information that your brain will spin until you have no recollection of what it was you were looking for in the first place.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a really difficult process for any business to get their heads around.

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So, you decide to hire an SEO expert (reportedly). They should know the best practices, how to get you to number 1 in Google and what Google really want when it comes to getting you there. These guys are the experts, right?

In reality, search engine algorithms change constantly, and they deliberately keep everyone in the dark about what factors really affect rankings.

But, just like in any industry, there are SEO companies in Brisbane, that will say just about anything, to get you on board as a customer. Before you realize it, you have spent thousands and haven’t really moved any closer to your goal. Here are some of the most common lies a ‘cowboy’ outfit will tell you, just to get you as a client.

“I know all the Google the algorithms.”

SEO campaign, where do you start?

Ask them – How? There are hundreds of ranking factors for the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) platform and Google hasn’t even told us about most of what the algorithms contain. A real SEO expert would know this simple fact.

There is never a moment that goes by where Google isn’t testing and adjusting its algorithms. A good SEO expert will know this and be constantly researching and looking at ways to improve the way they work. Most Ranking factors are a closely guarded secret, but Google has told us about some of them. But most you must learn from A/B testing, experience and a process of elimination.

“PPC? You don’t need it. SEO is all you need.”

SEO is certainly a major channel when it comes to bringing traffic to your website. The top spot on page one of any keyword gets an estimated 33% of the business and 2nd gets 18%. But it isn’t “the be all and End all” when it comes to reaching your target audience.

If you really want a successful business reaching the right targeted audience at the right time, which is to say when your audience wants you to be there, then you should really consider a strategy that has a combination of channels, including: advertising, content marketing, social media marketing and more.

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Re-marketing is especially useful for those who are only using SEO. It’s always important to note that 96% of First Time Visitors (FTV) leave your site without doing anything, they were ‘just browsing’. Re-marketing to these particular set of people is paramount. Keeping them reminded that you are there, whilst they are ‘looking’ and ‘in market’ gives you the edge over your competitors.

“The more links you have, the better. Trust me”

We love and hate this one in our office at media 99. Love it, as it proves our competition doesn’t know what they are doing and hate it when we take on a client who already has 34,000 back-links from Russian directories attached to their site. Disavowing backlinks isn’t an easy process.

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If you asked Google regarding back-links, they would tell you it’s not good practice. They certainly don’t want unnatural back-links and will penalize you for unnatural links that just don’t have any relevance. But despite all of Google’s efforts, back-links still matter a lot today and are high up there in ranking factors along with original content (more on this later).

However, Google is looking closely to the type of back-links you are using and what is pointed at your site. If an SEO “expert” tells you that they will add 1000 back-links to your site for a very low amount, consider carefully about not doing that.

The only backlinks you want pointing to your site are clean, high quality and high authority ones that are relevant to your industry and your business.

“Duplicate content won’t hurt your SEO.”

Adding duplicate content to your domain is going to kill it. That’s a fact. Google is searching out and looking to penalize marketers who are duplicating content in order to manipulate the SERPs. Google wants to recommend its customers to the very best websites for the searched keywords.

Websites with good relevant content that will give the customer the very best experience. It cannot do this if your content is the same as other sites in your industry. Good quality original content comes directly from the source, YOU.

It’s your business and you know more about it than anyone else. Sure, pass it on to a content writer, to flower it up. But give them the hard facts you want in the content.

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Google doesn’t know your business or industry like you do, which is why they recommend addressing duplicate content issues on your domain by doing the following:

Avoiding publishing stubs

Minimizing boilerplate repetition

Minimizing similar content

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If your SEO Agency has little to no understanding of any of Google’s recommendations about content and doesn’t take them seriously, consider changing agencies for your website.