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Driven Content Marketing Strategies

At Media 99 Content Marketing is in everything we do, be it SEO, PPC or website design. Is aimed at growing your business. And everything starts with content. Content is the undisputed king of digital Marketing and is the base into which everything stems.

Your business goals

Whether you are a start-up, growth stage or even a multi-national corporation at the top of its game, needs to be aligned with a content marketing plan. Planning your content through each month is essential. And its something Media 99 take very seriously. Having a multi level content plan for your content, will help you and your business stay on message. And ultimately it will help you achieve your business goals. 

All Forms of Content Created

Media 99 can create all forms of content that will help guide your potential clients all the way through the funnel. We don’t just stop at getting the customer to the website. We want to get them there, see the expertise you have. Educate them sufficiently and give them enough value to get the conversion. It’s the only way to help grow your business.

We can provide long form written content. Infographics, Video content in animation, live video and advertisments. Blogging, thought leadership and photography. We also can provide access to micro-influencers for all industries, as well as PR dissemination.

Content Has Changed

Content is no longer just about what you write. It’s not even completely about what your potential customers see. But about what they hear. Voice search is quickly becoming something that website owners should be factoring in. When writing content, you need to give short precise answers, so that the person’s smartphone or Amazon Echo will be able to deliver it. Do not get left behind when it comes to voice search.

Checkout what our customers say

"Amazing thought provoking content that has really helped our business grow. The team at Media 99 really listened to what we wanted, and how we wanted to say it."
We went with what Media 99 planned for us and I am so glad we did. It helped with our rankings as well as gave our customers a reason to go with us and not our competitors. If you are looking for quality content that will engage your client base, speak with the guys at Media 99. Recommended.

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