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PAY per click advertising

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Pay Per Click Search Text Ads

Media 99 Per Per Click Advertising

Media 99 use Pay Per Click Advertising by Google AdWords and Bing AdWords to great effect, in order to enhance your marketing reach. Google AdWords or Bing AdWords search text ads are a great and fast way to get your company in from of new customers. 

Even though search ads do appear on the same search pages as SEO results, they work in a different way. These ads are paid for when someone clicks on them, and only when they have been clicked on. When clicked the user goes directly to your web landing page.

Pay Per Click Display Network Banner Ads

Media 99 knows how to utilise the power of the Display Network to expand and grow your business. Display advertising accounts for 20% of all Ad traffic, and is said to reach 92% of all Internet users.

Nothing competes with the visual power of a stunning ad with perfectly formed text and a call to action button. However, the Display Network can offer you much more than graphic designed banners. Text ads, rich media and HTML5 ads are all now part of the Google display network.

Pay Per Click Re-marketing

Out of all of the Pay Per Click advertising methods, remarketing is the most important and should be included for any digital marketing activities. Even for SEO, where you have taken a lot of time and put in a lot of hard work to reach your audience and get them to your site. To then have them bounce out and not get reminded about your product or service, is criminal.

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