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Media 99 A Proven SEO Company Brisbane

To Media 99,  an SEO Services Company Brisbane. Online Marketing is not just about getting your website to the top of a search page. Any SEO company can do that. It’s about getting you to the top of relevant, highly searched keyword search pages. We do that so our clients are able to get a solid return on investment (ROI). As a proven SEO Company Brisbane. Our work is about getting your business in front of relevant prospective customers. Not just eyes on screen.

As a company that has a deep history in marketing, both below and above the line. We pride ourselves on being able to use digital marketing as a tool to grow your business for the long term. We are not in the business of selling digital marketing products. We are in the business of growing your business and using digital marketing to do that. This is how we stand our from the crowd. We are local to Brisbane. So deal with Brisbane Businesses and we pride ourselves on great customer service.

SEO Company Brisbane and Bangkok

SEO Company In Brisbane

Search engines, such as google, bing and Yahoo want to do the very best for their customers. And when a customer goes to the search engine, they invariably are asking a question. The Search Engines then provide the customer with the best resource it can find, to answer that question. Therefore, it is your job as a Website owner or the job of your SEO provider, to make sure your website is the very best resource for the questions, your potential customers will ask the search engines. As an SEO Company Brisbane, we understand this and we look to take advantage of every angle to grow your business.

We do this in a number of ways; firstly we audit your site so that we can see the technical aspects of your website and make sure that they are search engine friendly. Secondly, we complete intensive keyword research. This covers relevancy, competition, search volume and frequency. All equally important to make sure you get a positive ROI and that your business grows. Lastly, we look at building trust for your site. We do this so that the search engines can see that you are a website that can be used with confidence by them for their customers.

How This SEO Company Brisbane Will Work For You

SEO Services and Online Marketing can provide you with many benefits if completed correctly. And that is the key to get you the online presence you require. It takes experience and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work. With over 200 ranking factors and lots of competition. Getting you to the top of highly searched keyword ranking pages can take time. But being at the top and certainly within the top 3, can bring you 33% more business than your competitors.

If you are page two or below, nobody is going to click on your link. Nobody will even know you are there. But, with a well thought out SEO strategy and campaign, you can climb to the top. The top of Google isn’t just for the top brands. A professional SEO Company Brisbane can get you there!

Worried about Google Penalties? Dont be, our team has never had a Google Penalty in the 10yrs we have been dealing with SEO Services. We supply the very best White Hat back-links. In order for you to have a long term reign at the top of the Google Search Pages.

Why not give us a call and let us know what your aims and goals are for your business. And allow us to help you grow your business.

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So How Much Does SEO Cost?

As an SEO Company Brisbane and Digital Agency, we are always looking to improve our services. Therefore we look for the perfect SEO plan for your business and Budget. You want the top search engine results. Its our job to supply that at the most cost effective way possible. These are ‘off the shelf’ SEO plans that we can provide to give you the online presence you need. However, we can also operate a bespoke service for our clients, but this is an example of how much SEO costs.


Starting at $600 pm

  • Keyword research
  • On-site Audit
  • Quality Back-links
  • CRO Optimisation


From $800 pm

  • Keyword research
  • On-site Audit
  • Quality Back-links
  • CRO Optimisation
  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • Website Content main pages


From an amazing $1000pm

  • Keywords research
  • On-site Audit
  • Quality Back-links
  • CRO Optimisation
  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • Website Content main pages + Sub pages
  • Existing Back-link Audit

Our Proven SEO Systems

At Media 99, every SEO technique which will be performed on your website is 100% safe, secure and penalty risk free. We don’t cut corners, and we certainly do not use Blackhat techniques.  All of our SEO techniques that are used on your website, have been tried and tested to make sure you will not receive a penalty or get blacklisted by any search engine. We make sure to confirm its effectiveness and safety by previewing the site before going live. Backing up everything before we make a move. The strategy you get, is used to rank our own site.

We’re Partners in SEO

When it comes to SEO on your site, yes, we are the experts. We will tell you the very best way to rank your website. But we need your help and co-operation. We need you as our partner in your SEO and business growth. Its important to us and to your SEO that you be part of this. That you understand what we are doing and why. We don’t do anything to your site without your permission.

We are your marketing team. Here for you, to make your marketing efforts work.

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