SEO Company Brisbane

SEO Company Brisbane

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Media 99, A Proven SEO Company Brisbane

To Media 99, the services of an SEO Company Brisbane is not just about getting your website to the top of a search page. Any SEO company can do that. It’s about getting you to the top of relevant, highly searched keyword search pages. We do that so our clients are able to get a solid return on investment (ROI). As a proven SEO Company in Brisbane. Our work is about getting your business in front of relevant prospective customers. Not just eyes on screen.


Average SEO companies charge flat monthly fees. And they like to tie you into a long binding contract. Offering set packages. And depending on the package you choose; you get a set number of keywords and links and work on your campaign per month.


Media99 PRICES

At Media99 we our pricing structure is customized to fit your company's specific needs and your individual requirements. All businesses and industries are different, which is why it is best to speak to our SEO specialist consultants to get a better idea of your requirements and receive a competitive quote.

Media99 do not tie our clients into a long contract, all of our clients are in a month to month rolling contract. This is our guarantee to you. We will work hard for you. However, should you be unsatisfied, you are free to cancel at any time with a 30-day notice. Or, should you wish to take a break, you can. 

SEO is a long slow and methodical process. Often it does not show linear progression. However, as long as all the right elements are hit, it will show great results in the long term. How quickly SEO works for you depends on your industry and website. Generally, we see improvement within a few short months.

The short answer is yes, very. But you must be prepared for a long-term investment, of adapting your site to the requirements of the search engines and to the needs of your potential clients.

SEO isn’t just “build it and they will come” (to quote a famous movie), no its about doing the right things consistently. It’s about search intent and ease of navigation for your visitors. Get it all right and the benefits far outweigh the pain it takes to get there.

Why You Need SEO

Search engines, such as google, Bing and Yahoo want to do the very best for their customers. Therefore, it is your job as a Website owner or the job of your SEO provider, to make sure your website is the very best resource for the questions posed. As an SEO Company, we understand this and we look to take advantage of every legitimate angle to grow your business. All of our SEO activities are ‘White Hat’, which means we stay within Googles SEO guidelines.

The Top of Google Isn’t Just for Top Brands

SEO Services and Online Marketing can provide you with many benefits if completed correctly. And that is the key to get you the online presence you require. It takes experience and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work. With over 200 ranking factors and lots of competition. Getting you to the top of highly searched keyword ranking pages can take time. But being at the top and certainly within the top 3, can bring you 33% more business than your competitors.

Our Proven SEO Systems

At Media 99 a proven SEO Company Brisbane, every SEO technique which will be performed on your website is 100% safe, secure and penalty risk free.

We don’t cut corners, and we certainly do not use Blackhat techniques.  All of our SEO techniques that are used on your website, have been tried and tested to make sure you will not receive a penalty or get blacklisted by any search engine.

Only White Hat SEO

We make sure to confirm your SEOs effectiveness and safety by previewing the site before going live. Backing up everything before we make a move. The strategy you get, is used to rank our own site.

We use only Google webmatster guidelines, to keep everything above board.

When it comes to SEO on your site, yes, we are the experts. We will tell you the very best way to rank your website. But we need your help and co-operation. 

We’re Partners in SEO

We need you as our partner in your SEO and business growth. Its important to us and to your SEO that you be part of this. That you understand what we are doing and why. We don’t do anything to your site without your permission.

We are your marketing team. Here for you, to make your marketing efforts work.

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